Who we are

Experience matters

inoib is the accumulation of 20 years of experience in helping companies and individuals become significantly more productive, by giving them the needed business insight that allows them to react productively on vital business decisions. 


Join the revolution

Keep it smart and simple. inoib is the most intuitive app you will ever use to help you manage situations and challenges. Manage the frustration of being stuck in a situation or facing a challenge by starting a simple 3 clicks think and act” process.

Applying structure the way inoib has forced us to do, has dramatically increased our ability to take effective and proactive action on a range of different business decisions that before simply took too long”.

Within the app you will find different categories available for a multitude of different scenarios. Each category is composed of predefined and structured masters which are ready to use. In 3 clicks you will have selected the right category and master. Categories and masters are aligned to our management thinking process NOIB and NOIBing to better support your 360° thinking and acting process.

Are you ready to take the leap?

During more than 20 years helping businesses become more productive, inoib remains the single most important tool to achieve significant improvements throughout entire organisations. While results differ from organisation to organisation we are proud to have achieved impressive improvements on a range of areas critical to business.