inoib Coach Solution

inoib Coach Solution

As a coach, you have developed your methodology based on your experience, expertise and for some of you through a certification program. As any coach, your practice is based on building a personal relationship with your coachee through ongoing interaction timely based. Your main challenge is to find a way to manage more coaches without having the admin going up, increase coachee involvement and build a long-term relationship.
The inoib coach solution is about automating your methodology and upgrading your interaction with your coachees through an app.
Creted & Managed by you
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Value Proposition of inoib Coach Solution

Presenting the 3 options available for you to support your coaching activity.

Coach Onboarding

How your methodology will be automated and scale up your coaching activity

Business Cases

Trekker International Case Study :
How Jesse scale up his coaching activity to a new level with short and long version presentations.

The NOIB Compagnie :
How Jean-Christophe automated his manager program to maximize commitment from his coaches and build a relationship in a long term after the initial program short and long version presentation.